Tell new stories with better data


Attain helps insights and research teams uncover new and unique insights on millions of consumers. Get access to real-time data that covers every purchase channel, like retail, travel, entertainment, and hospitality, coupled with a real-time addressable panel of psychographics, demographics, lifestyle attributes and more.

Evolve beyond static survey panels

Traditional panels rely on qualitative data alone & infrequent survey waves. Attain’s survey responses are enriched with transaction data to paint a complete, up-to-date picture and help you uncover whitespace


First-party data enrichment, and much more

What do your existing customers, competitors’ customers, or target customers spend their money on? Look at historical transaction data to learn why someone has churned or who’s on the verge of becoming a loyalist


Engage our real-time panel to conduct market research in minutes

Attain’s always-on panel is accessible to marketers 365 days a year, and data is available within 24 hours. Enrich your survey results with deterministic commerce data to unlock deeper insights

Actionable & activation ready  

Our integration with Liveramp allows for seamless integration into all ad environments and ensures that campaigns can be executed efficiently and effectively


Real-time ROAS Measurement 

First-party commerce data at the merchant and product level allows for real-time ROAS and conversion measurement based on real sales data, both online and offline, across all tactics and partners


Definitive Data Source for Multicultural, Gen-Z and Millennials

Attain compliments your existing panel sources with our fully-permissioned panel of over 4 million engaged users, specializing in multicultural, millennial, and Gen-Z consumers. Attain’s panel can also be weighted to the general population

Get the insights you need to drive better outcomes for your business